Welcome to SplurgeMonkey – A Labor of Love

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a person who loves good food and drink. I’m the person that my friends call when needing suggestions as to where they should go for good Italian, a place to take the family, or a location for a good cocktail before a show and I’d always been happy to oblige.

Now the questions normally come in my hometown of Las Vegas but I’m fortunate to be in a position where I travel quite frequently on business, so I even get asked for places to eat and drink away from home. I always tell my friends that travel to ask me before they go places because you never know what suggestions I might have.

This blog will be a collection of food and drink observations. Since I live in Vegas I suspect a good majority of the postings will be about Vegas, though I also spend a lot of time in New Orleans, Denver and SoCal, to name a few. I will post about things that I think will be of interest and highlight places I think are worth highlighting, be that for either good reasons or not. I hope you find my writings of interest and that they may spur you of try out new places.

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