Has Vegas All Growns Up?

Now maybe the sight of a food truck in the Smith’s parking lot on Buffalo and Flamingo may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it was enough for me to do a 180 while heading home on Monday. There it was…the Slider Truck! Though I had already had lunch, I knew I had to check out what was going on.

As all of my friends know, I am a huge food truck fan. I love to visit cities with actual food truck scenes. Our recent weekend in Austin, where by some statistic from the Interwebs there are over 1,000 authorized food trucks throughout the city, was heaven. One night we specifically tracked down dinner from the East Side Kings and gorged ourselves on roasted pork belly buns, fried brussels sprout salad, ginger garlic jasmine rice and curry buns. That was after a previous late night stop on the way back to the hotel at Bar-B-Que Heaven where we got a combination sandwich of chicken, sausage and beef – probably not the best meal before settling in for the evening but OH SO GOOD!

The food truck scene is also big on the west coast in both LA and Portland – it really seems like the whole West Coast has embraced this movement without us. Heck, I had a great Nutella and banana crepe in San Francisco from Creperie Saint Germain in SOMA.

I’ve never understood why we could adopt the sprawl associated with LA, while ignoring the good stuff such as the food truck scene. Needless to say, stories of Kogi make me cry out of jealousy. So imagine how refreshing it was to hear that Kogi was part of the inspiration for the Slider Truck – maybe our time has come for a food truck scene to compliment our high-end dining.

The staff were personable as I approached not knowing what I wanted to order. The owner Ric Guerrero even came out to talk to me a bit about how they started things and what their plan was. He even made some suggestions as to what to order, but that was the easy part because at $3/piece ($2 for the standard super slider) I ordered one of everything – a $11 meal for 2!

That day the Slider Truck was serving a pulled pork slider, a kalbi rib slider, the Pep Pep and the super slider – both of which were Angus sliders. The pulled pork was by far and away our favorite, though that it not to say the others weren’t really delicious. It was just THAT good and my wife quickly laid claim to it.

The kalbi slider was a bit tough to bite through (as kalbi is apt to be), but the grilled cabbage and sesame seeds were a nice contrast in flavor and texture and overall it was delicious. The Pep Pep and the super slider were very similar to one another, made of tasty Angus beef and cooked perfectly, with the addition of the bacon and the super sauce (think Big Mac special sauce) differentiating the Pep Pep from its smaller sibling. In all instances, the buns were grilled to perfection – the skilled handiwork was readily apparent.

It was a great meal – my only suggestion would be that the snacks sold alongside the sliders be of comparable quality to the burgers themselves. These burgers deserve to be paired with snacks worthy of their company, not common pre-packaged stuff, though I understand being a new endeavor this may not yet be an option. With that said, that will not stop me from coming back.

The menu appears to be continually changing in its infancy as new specials, as the Slider Truck had only been around for a couple of weeks. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @SliderTruck or check out their website – http://slidinthru.com/ as their success can only lead to spawn more food trucks throughout the Valley.

Here’s hoping that Slider Truck can help spur the birth of the Vegas food truck scene, as it’s something that we deserve as our food scene matures. We can only hope that, in the immortal words of Vince Vaughn in Swingers, “Our little baby’s all growns up!“.

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